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Cinematic Aerials: Showreel

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It’s been a real journey over the last year since successfully securing a grant for aerial filming equipment. The process of learning to fly a large multirotor is considerably less complicated than the process of achieving accreditation with EuroUSC and the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial aerial work!

But now we’re proud to present our first aerial showreel, showcasing some of the beautiful landscapes of the Valleys, much of it within a ten minute drive of our office! I’m certainly very grateful to live in such a ‘lush’ corner of the world!

Are you interested in getting a quote for aerial filming? Get in touch with us.

Have you produced an aerial reel? We’d love to see it, so post it in the comments below.

Short Film: Episode 2 on the VLOG

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In this heart-pounding follow-up to the multi-award-mentioning VLOG episode 1, Joe talks candidly about entering his short film ‘Two Fat Fadies’ into film festivals, and our intrepid duo come up with an entirely original metaphor.

Story: Episode 1 on the new VLOG!

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In the first episode of this critically acclaimed surrealist-docu-drama, Andy shares some exciting news about a film competition with Joe. Meanwhile, in a trip down memory lane, our two young(ish) heroes recall past glories with their trailer for Roots, and share a few choice morsels of truth relating to STORY.

Only Child Trailer Screening at Chapter Moviemaker

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Following winning the Pitch competition last month, we’ve put the Only Child concept trailer in for the March edition of Chapter Moviemaker. It’ll hopefully provide a good opportunity to raise some interest and talk a bit about plans for filming in the summer, as well as getting others on board.

Chapter Moviemaker is a monthly event at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, where filmmakers can have their short films shown on the big screen. It’s a great atmosphere with plenty of good Q&A banter from Tom Betts, as well as plenty of time to chat/network afterwards. It provided a good opportunity to screen Escape back in January.

Uploading HUGE Files to Vimeo

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As part of getting a high quality file of our short film Two Fat Ladies to festivals, I’ve been navigating the perils and pitfalls of uploading to Vimeo. Until fibre optic arrives in the Valleys I’m stuck with a pretty humbling 0.5 mbps upload speed. And on top of that, uploading severely chokes simultaneous downloading on our line…


So when, after 36 hours of uploading a 6.7GB ProRes LT file to Vimeo via the web interface, the upload terminated at 96% I was ready to throw myself through the velux skylight and plummet to the concrete below. Read More

Run and Gun Interviews with the Sony A7s

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Occasionally we’ll take on a project where for budget or schedule reasons it’ll be a one-man crew job. It’s a bit of a blast from the past of my first couple of years working freelance, where the majority of projects were just me on my lonesome – it’s been great in the last couple of years since forming 2V Studios to be able to work with more people behind camera, and now have my wingman Joe O’Hare on board to run sound or camera depending on the setup and project.

But last week I had an opportunity to film with Phil Topham on a Church in Wales project in Wrexham. It was a rainy day and an early start, so I caught a train up, which meant minimal bags and no more gear than I could carry!

Run and Gun A7S Setup Read More

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